The benefits of Equine Massage

The benefits of Equine Massage

Do you remember the last time you bumped your head on a cupboard or slammed your finger in the door? What was the first thing you instinctively did? I bet it felt like the most natural thing to “rub out” the pain? It has long been known that touch can reduce pain. Rubbing your bumped head or slammed finger causes the release of endorphins and activates the circulation and therefore reduces the pain. This – and much more – is pretty much what happens during a massage. Human athletes have long understood the benefits of massage and our horses are athletes too. No matter if you ride for pleasure or performance, they benefit just as much as humans to massage and other bodywork.

Getting bodywork on a regular basis helps the horse to maintain overall muscular maintenance. It improves its circulation as well, which may help the horse to recover faster from training. In addition to that, it increases suppleness and endurance, which will make your rides even more pleasurable. Massage also decreases the risk of injuries and can therefore help to keep your vet bills down. Horses who are worked on regularly also benefit from increased mobility and range of motion which enhances performance and gaits.

The services offered at Equiflow are beneficial for horses of all ages, breeds and equestrian disciplines. For more information check out our brand-new website or call us on 027 534 04 42.

Balance Pads
3 year old Frekja getting to know the balance pads. The pads improve proprioception and some horses fall into a deep state of relaxation.
Equine Massage
Client Harry relaxing into his sports massage

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