Quite a while ago I came  across a young lady who told me that she only lunged horses but didn’t ride them. When I asked her why, she explained that she didn’t have the ‘right body shape’ to be a horse rider. The lady was probably on the shorter side and muscular but not overweight. She didn’t have any disabilities and neither injuries nor an illness. She was simply convinced that she didn’t look like a horse rider was supposed to look. Until this day, it is hard for me to understand what exactly she meant. How interesting and sad, that we come up with limiting beliefs like that. When I think of a prima ballerina, a rugby or a basketball player, I have a certain body type in mind, that would probably be beneficial for each sport.  For horse riding, however, I have absolutely no picture. Tall? Short? Muscular arms? Skinny legs? Straight, blonde hair? A horse tattoo on the shoulder? What are your thoughts on this? Are there certain body types who you find particularly beneficial or disadvantageous for equitation? I have probably seen some very tall riders, who, especially on vertically challenged Icelandics :-), seemed to struggle a bit more with balance than other riders. What can you tell from your experience?