Services and Rates

Services and Rates


Bodywork Initial Session – NZD 60
1,5 hours

★ Evaluation of current state and full history of the horse
★ Assessment of conformation and gait analysis
★ Palpation and assessment of muscular system
★ Massage and other Bodywork according to horse’s needs
★ Targeted work on areas of concern
★ Exercises the owner can do with the horse

Equine Bodywork Follow-Up Sessions – NZD 50
1 hour


I am a certified Icelandic Horse coach but I am open to working with all horse breeds and types. Lessons will be tailored to suit your individual goals. My specialisation is tuition for riders who are interested in the special gaits of the Icelandic Horse. I like working on developing balance in all the gaits through basic dressage and lateral work in preparation for tölt. As well as working on developing the balance of the horse in four or five gaits, I also have a special interest in rider asymmetry and how it influences the horse.

Individual Lesson – NZD 50
45 minutes
5 Lesson Loyalty Card – NZD 230
expires after 6 months from the date of the first lesson


Training or schooling services are especially beneficial when used over a longer, consecutive period of time, rather than a session every now and then. I can help with starting your young horse, tölt training, specific schooling issues or just keeping your horse in quality work while you are away for longer.

Individual Session Training – NZD 50
45 minutes
Training block of 4 weeks – NZD 750*
includes 4 training sessions per week
*grazing and hay not included, please contact me to discuss an arrangement
Individual groundwork and lungeing session – NZD 30
25 minutes

I believe that groundwork and lungeing are great in combination with Bodywork. I can help your horse with specific exercises in relation to the areas of concern found during the Bodywork. It is also a great way to gain strength in preparation for riding for young horses or after injuries of horse or rider and if you simply want to do something different.